High Quality Catering

Introducing our handpicked Caterers - Elizabeth Caton Catering

Lizzie and her sister, Charlotte, have been creating and serving high quality catering for many weddings and events over the years. They offer exclusivity to The Quill, no other wedding venue will be serving their outstanding food within Kent. This is a an absolute honour and something we have aimed to accomplish as we feel yourself and your guests deserve an exclusive dinning experience at our venues unlike any in Kent. 

Bespoke menus are created for each couple. The choice is yours whether you would like a roast dinner, a totally vegan menu or an English classic of fish and chips. The Quill offers services that suits you, therefore we can arrange the catering menu for you, or you can take a visit to Lizzie's country kitchen and design it with her. You will be blown away by their delicious food and friendly professional service.