The Perfect Team

We are Lisa and Nick the co-founders of The Quill. It is important that clients trust their wedding planner and know they are reliable. We hope by finding out some information about us that you will gain this sense of trust in us. 

We are a husband and wife team. We met over 14 years ago and have been married for 7 years. We complement each other perfectly, we share the same morals, passions (except cars) and enjoy doing similar activities. Also, if there is something one of us isn't so good at, the other usually is - perfect. 

We have a daughter, son and a few animals. As a couple we enjoy house renovation, gardening, hosting events, spending time with friends and family and a good TV series.  

We are both creative, which is why we love working in wedding planning. We have plenty of experience in customer service, management and events. We like working with a variety of styles, so we can create any type of wedding you desire. Our target is to create a wedding that exceeds a couple's expectations with a unique aspect that is different to other weddings. Our weddings will never be described as 'Conveyor belt weddings'!

We also organise public and private events through our sister business, Zest Creations.


Lisa Maclennan

As a creative, caring and conscience person, I thoroughly enjoy my career in wedding planning. I love creating happy moments in people's lives. Wedding planning is more than a job, it is my passion, my enjoyment and from meeting me I hope you will see this shine through.

I actually started off my working career as a Veterinary Nurse. Over 13 years it gave me valuable life experiences that now supports me with wedding planning. I am experienced in working under stress and multitasking. I managed a nursing team for many years, planned each patient's treatment along with a schedule of surgeries, experienced many emergency situations and worked with customers who were in different states of emotions. In addition, I organized puppy parties, promotional events and marketing activities for the business. 

I love organising social events and celebrations from children’s parties, wedding anniversaries, Christmas events and our annual Halloween parties. I have also participated in marketing and promotional events for my daughter’s school.

I am a workaholic but when I am not working, I enjoy caring for my many animals, long country walks, socialising with friends (of course with Gin) and movie nights on the sofa.



Nick Maclennan

I have been in customer service for my whole working life and I love it, I very much enjoy tailoring services to fit the clients' needs. I have been on business development courses over the years and have learnt what makes a customer happy and whats important is delivering an outstanding service every time.

I love getting involved and in my personal life I love building with natural materials. One of my favourite mottos in life is "go big or go home" - I love going all out to make something unique and breath taking, which is they way I approach wedding planning.

I have a passion for cars and like to change them every few years, so I do not get bored, it is the same with technology I like to keep up and remain current.


Why a Quill?

Every Quill is unique. It is light and intricate which reflects our venues and brand.

A quill creates beautiful work on a blank page, just like our wedding planners and handpicked suppliers, who create beauty in and around our venues.